Caralis funeral director

Close to your grief, with sensitiveness; this, after years of experience, is what makes funeral director Caralis different and makes us proud.

Our funeral home, does such a delicate job in the best way, taking care of the documents and paper work, obituaries, floral compositions, transfer of the body, looking forward to be close to you with discretion, kindness, honesty and professional competence, humanity and respect, because our job is our greatest satisfaction.

Caralis funeral director offers a support and an excellent service even in hard financial circumstance.

O.F. CARALIS s.a.s. - 09124 Cagliari
14, via Santa Margherita Tel. 070.652913/ 070652906 / 335.7459228
09134 Cagliari (Fronte Ospedale Brotzu)
13, via Peretti, Cagliari - Tel. 070.540102 339.4775327
P.I. 01394230922
sede legale in Via Santa Margherita, 14 Cagliari.