• Vestizione

    Dressing of the body

    Our funeral home also takes care of the dressing of the body. The funeral director and his employees are qualified to use avant-guarde and professional ...read

  • Necrologio


    Caralis funeral director takes care to transmit the obituary to the main regional and national newspapers...read

  • Disbrigo Pratiche

    Paper work

    Our funeral home is authorized to do all the paper work for the family; we will be by your side to advise and follow you in every...read

  • Traslazione


    Caralis Provides traslation services; is able to transfer the body, mortal remains or ashes...read

  • Cremazione


    Caralis takes care of all papers and procedures relating to cremation, in fact according to the regulation if the deceased had not joined a cremation association...read

  • Trasporti Nazionali e Internazionali

    Funeral cars

    To trasport the coffin Caralis funeral director offers different types of cars depending on customer's taste. Are used two modern style...read

  • Servizio Personale

    Employees/ staff

    Caralis funeral director takes care to follow in every step with courtesy and discretion his client giving professionalism...read

  • Servizio Personale

    Gravestones and monuments

    Caralis funeral director offering its service also provides to its customers a wide range of cemetery monuments and gravestones...read

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